Application of pneumatic fluorine-lined three-way flange ball valve!

First of all, from an application perspective, pneumatic fluorine-lined three-way flange ball valves are mainly used in situations where strict control of fluid flow is required. Its special fluorine-lined design enables the valve to have excellent corrosion resistance when handling corrosive media, thereby ensuring long-term stable operation of the valve. In addition, the structural design of the pneumatic gas-lined three-way flange ball valve makes it suitable for a variety of fluid control needs, such as regulating flow, cutting off fluid, etc. Therefore, this valve is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, papermaking and other production industries, as well as oil, natural gas, liquid and other transportation industries.

Next, let’s look at how this valve operates. First of all, the opening and closing direction of the pneumatic valve when operating should be clockwise. This is a basic and important operating specification. Secondly, the number of opening and closing revolutions of pneumatic valves in the pipeline network should be controlled within a certain range and should not be too high to avoid unnecessary damage to the valves. In addition, the opening and closing operating end of the pneumatic valve should be designed as a square tenon and standardized in size so that people can easily operate it directly from the ground. If the pneumatic valve is buried deep, extension rod facilities should be provided to facilitate observation and operation from the ground.

During operation, you also need to pay attention to the display panel of the opening and closing degree of the pneumatic valve. The scale lines should be cast on the gearbox cover or on the shell of the display panel after the direction is changed, and face the ground. The scale lines should be painted with phosphor to make them eye-catching. At the same time, the material and management of the indicator needles also need to be guaranteed to ensure their stability and durability.

In general, Tyco Valve Co., Ltd.’s pneumatic fluorine-lined three-way flange ball valves perform well in design and performance and can meet the needs of various complex and harsh industrial environments. With correct operation and maintenance, this valve can maintain long-term and stable operation, providing reliable guarantee for the company’s production.

Post time: Jul-02-2024