Characteristics of Taike Valve Internal Thread Ball Valve

Structural characteristics of internal threaded ball valves


1. According to the structure of the valve body, the internal threaded connection ball valve is divided into one piece, two pieces, and three pieces;


2. The valve body and cover adopt advanced silicon solution casting technology, with reasonable structure and beautiful appearance;


3. The valve seat adopts an elastic sealing structure, with reliable sealing and light opening and closing torque

4. The valve stem adopts a bottom mounted structure, which can prevent the valve stem from bursting;

5. 90 ° switch limit mechanism can be set, and locking devices can be installed according to user needs to prevent misoperation;


6. The top of the valve is equipped with a connection size of 1505211 standard, a handle for opening, and can be connected to pneumatic or electric devices;

Post time: May-15-2023