Characteristics of Tyco Valve Co., Ltd. Soft Seal Butterfly Valve

The soft-sealing butterfly valves produced by Tyco Valve Co., Ltd. are usually used to regulate flow and cut off water supply, drainage, and gas pipelines in food, medicine, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, textile, papermaking, etc. where the temperature is <120° and the nominal pressure is <1.6MPa. The role of fluids. What are its main features? Tyco Valve Co., Ltd. will tell you about it below!

 Features of soft seal butterfly valve:

1. Novel and reasonable design, compact structure, light weight, quick opening and closing

2. The operating torque is small, easy to operate, labor-saving and dexterous.

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3. It can be installed at any position and is easy to maintain.

4. The seals can be replaced, the sealing performance is reliable, and it can achieve two-way sealing and zero leakage.

5. The sealing material has the characteristics of aging resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.


 Tyco Valve Co., Ltd. is a national enterprise integrating R&D, design, and manufacturing. It has passed national 1S09001, IS014001, OHSAS18001 certification, CE EU certification, etc. New and old customers are welcome to come for consultation. The national free consultation hotline is: 400 -606-6689

soft seal butterfly valve

Post time: Jan-11-2024