Expanding Double Seal Valve: Engineering Excellence by Taike Valve

Taike Valve introduces the Expanding Double Seal Valve, engineered to meet the rigorous standards of modern industry. Adhering to international and domestic design standards, this valve offers unmatched performance and reliability.



The Expanding Double Seal Valve is a testament to Taike Valve‘s commitment to quality and innovation. Designed in compliance with ASME B16.34 and JB/T 10673, this valve is crafted to ensure optimal performance in a variety of applications, including water, oil, and gas systems.


Design Standards:

•  Design Standard: ASME B16.34, JB/T 10673

•  Face to Face Length: ASME B16.10, GB/T12221

•  Connection Standard: ASME B16.5, HG/T 20592, JB/T79

•  Test and Inspection Standard: API 598, GB/T 13927


Performance Specifications:

•  Nominal Pressure: PN1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4

•  Strength Testing Pressure: PT2.4, 3.8, 6.0, 9.6 Mpa

•  Seat Testing Pressure (Low Pressure): 0.6 Mpa

•  Applicable Temperature Range: -29°C to 425°C

•  Applicable Media: Water, Oil, Gas, etc.


Manufacturing Process:

The manufacturing process of the Expanding Double Seal Valve is meticulous, ensuring each valve meets the highest standards:

1. Material Selection: High-grade materials are chosen to withstand the specified temperature and pressure ranges.

2. Machining: Precision machining techniques are employed to shape the valve components, adhering to the face to face length and connection standards.

3. Assembly: Components are assembled in a controlled environment to prevent contamination and ensure integrity.

4. Testing: Each valve undergoes strength and seat testing to verify its performance against the specified pressures.

5. Inspection: Rigorous inspections are conducted in accordance with API 598 and GB/T 13927 to certify quality.



Taike Valve‘s Expanding Double Seal Valve represents the pinnacle of valve design, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. With its robust construction and adherence to strict standards, it stands as the preferred choice for industry professionals.


Contact Information:

For inquiries or further information about our Expanding Double Seal Valve, please contact us. Our team is ready to provide you with the solutions you need for your industrial applications. 

Post time: May-27-2024