Features of low temperature forged steel gate valve!

The low-temperature forged steel gate valve produced by Tyco Valve Co., Ltd. is a special valve with unique design and materials that can operate normally in low-temperature environments。

In terms of its forging process, low-temperature forged steel gate valves are made by heating metal materials to a high temperature state and then pressing and forging them in a mold. This process can make the material have fine grains, uniform structure, and high strength and toughness. Compared with other manufacturing processes, forging can ensure that the valve will not break or deform in low temperature environments.

In terms of the materials used, the materials used in low-temperature forged steel gate valves are also different from ordinary gate valves. It requires the use of low-temperature resistant metal materials, such as Ming steel, chromium-nickel aluminum steel, etc. These materials have excellent corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance, and can maintain stable performance in extremely cold environments

In terms of its scope of application, due to its unique design and materials, the low-temperature forged steel gate valve is suitable for some special working conditions. It mainly includes transportation systems for low-temperature media such as liquefied natural gas, liquid nitrogen, and liquid oxygen. These media will become liquid at normal temperature and need to be transported and stored at extremely low temperatures, so the requirements for valves are also more stringent.

Post time: Jan-23-2024