Structural characteristics of Y-shaped forged steel stop valve!

The V-shaped forged steel stop valve produced by TaiKe Valve Co., Ltd. is a valve that prevents the flow of media. So what kind of structural characteristics does this valve have? TaiKe Valve Co., Ltd. will tell you about it below!

Structural characteristics of Y-shaped forged steel stop valve
1. Pressure self-sealing v-shaped forged steel globe valves and check valves comply with ANSI B16.34. Inspection and testing are in accordance with API598, and marking is in accordance with MSS-SP-25;
2. Adopt the following structure;
3. Full diameter or reduced diameter;
4. Lift and ball check valves;
5. Built-in spring on demand;
6.Removable solid disc
7.Self-centering pressing plate pressing type
8. Integral upper seal seat;
9. Open pole bracket type (OS&Y);
10. Bolted connection, wound gasket sealed valve cover, threaded connection, fully welded sealed valve cover and threaded connection internal pressure self-tightening valve cover;
11. The socket end complies with ASME B16.11;
12. The threaded connection end (NPT) complies with ANSI/ASME B1.20.1;
13. The valve disc can be changed into needle type, throttling type, ball type, and check type.

Post time: Mar-26-2024