Taike’s GB/DINGateValve: High-Standard Industrial Flow Control.

In the realm of industrial valves, Gate Valves play a fundamental role in controlling the flow of various fluids. At Taike Valve, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality gate valves that adhere to the most rigorous design and manufacturing standards. Our GB, DIN GATE VALVE is an exemplary product that embodies excellence in performance, reliability, and compliance with industry norms.

Our meticulous approach to design and manufacturing ensures that our GB, DIN GATE VALVE meets the precise specifications outlined in the GB/T 12234 and DIN 3352 standards. These standards guide every aspect of the valve’s design, from the body material to the face-to-face dimensions and end flange configurations.

The face-to-face dimensions of our GB, DIN GATE VALVE follow the GB/T 12221 and DIN3202 standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of systems and simplifying integration into existing pipelines. The end flange design is based on JB/T 79 and DIN 2543 standards, further reinforcing the valve’s adaptability and ease of installation. 

Inspection and testing are critical components of our quality assurance process. We strictly adhere to the GBfT 26480 and DIN 3230 standards for inspecting and testing our GB, DIN GATE VALVE. These protocols ensure that each valve undergoes a series of strength and seal tests to verify its ability to withstand nominal pressures ranging from 1.6 Mpa to 6.3 Mpa.

Our valves are subjected to strength tests at pressures higher than their nominal values, withstanding up to 9.5 Mpa, providing a substantial safety margin. The seal tests, which include both liquid and gaseous media, are conducted at pressures exceeding the nominal values, ensuring a tight seal even under stress conditions. Gas seal tests are performed at 0.6 Mpa, guaranteeing reliable performance in gaseous environments.

Material selection is paramount in determining the valve’s suitability for different applications. Our GB, DIN GATE VALVE is available in a variety of body materials, including WCB (Carbon Steel), CF8 (Stainless Steel), CF3 (Stainless Steel), CF8M (Stainless Steel), and CF3M (Super Stainless Steel). These materials are chosen for their resistance to corrosion and temperature extremes, making our valves suitable for handling water, steam, oil products, nitric acid, and acetic acid.

Our valves can operate within a broad temperature range, from -29°C to 425°C, allowing them to be used in both cryogenic and high-temperature environments. This wide temperature tolerance makes our GB, DIN GATE VALVE an ideal choice for industries such as power generation, chemical processing, and petrochemical refining, where temperature fluctuations are common.

At Taike Valve, we understand the critical role that gate valves play in maintaining system integrity and operational efficiency. Our commitment to adhering to the highest design and manufacturing standards, combined with our use of premium materials and rigorous testing procedures, ensures that our GB, DIN GATE VALVE delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

Contact us today at Taike Valve to learn more about our GB, DIN GATE VALVE and how it can help you achieve your operational goals while ensuring safety and compliance in your fluid control system. With our dedication to quality and innovation, you can trust us to provide you with the best possible solutions for your valve needs.


Post time: Apr-26-2024